What kind of fish can you catch?

There are plenty of fish!  Here is a run down of some of Florida’s bounty.  The photos below we caught on actual fishing trips with Dockside Charters.  For additional photos of our guests and their catch, please see our photo gallery.


The Silver King! Tarpon is the most powerful inshore fish that you’ll fight on light tackle. Resident fish are here year ’round, but a chance for that trophy fish runs from March thru June with the spring migration.

Fish for Amberjack with Floriday Charterboart Captain Jeff Pfister



spotted sea trout charter boat fishing in florida

Spotted Sea Trout aka "specks"

Spotted Sea Trout, often called specks, are found in the back country and are usually feeding. Plenty of action from the 1-2 pound fish with a big mouth and prominent canine teeth. Once their surface thrashing fight is over they are great on the dinner table!

bonefish charter boat fishing in Florida


The Bonefish! Stalking the flats for these elusive fish requires a lot of patience. This is sight fishing. Hook a bone and you’ll see why so many anglers put their time in. 150-yard runs before you can catch your breath, and that’s just the beginning!

Fish for permit with charter boat captain Jeff Pfister of Dockside Charters


Permit don’t give up! March, April and May is prime time for stalking permit in the backcountry. They swim sideways using their bodies for resistance. It’s like pulling in a piece of plywood, sideways. They can be found on the oceanside during the cooler months but we must have good weather to get to them.

shark charterboat fishing in florida


Sharks: From little bonnet heads to black tips, lemons and spinner sharks, we have a variety to choose from year ’round. Please note that we release all sharks.  This guest caught a bull shark.

shark charterboat fishing in florida


Barracuda you won’t want to lip grip one of these guys. This toothy mouthed fish is fast and goes fairly long runs when hooked. Smaller fish in the backcountry are great table fare and larger fish of 15-20 pounds can be found on the oceanside flats.

redfish charter boat fishing in Florida


Redfish are available all year long. These “spot tails” feed aggressively on the flats. Usually sight fishing on the grassy flats of the backcountry, but they are often caught in the run-offs and channels. While 10 lb. fish are common, most average 3-5 lbs.

fish for florida snook with Dockside Charters


Snook, often called “Linesiders” are available in the backcountry or around the bridges, They feed better at night, but can be caught during the day, while sunning themselves in the backcountry potholes. If you’re going to eat snook, you’ll have to catch it since they are not available commercially in restaurants.

black grouper charter boat florida reef fishing

Black Grouper

Black Grouper

goliath grouper charter boat fishing captain

Goliath Grouper

Goliath Grouper

charter boat ladyfish fishing captain with Dockside Charters


Ladyfish, the poor man’s tarpon, is one of the wildest aerobatic jumpers found in the back country. Plenty of action and strong pulls on light tackle.

Fishing Jacks in Florida with Dockside Charters


Crevalle Jack not many fish can out-pull a jack of equal size. Jacks can show up anywhere at anytime. Small jacks are common in the backcountry and fish to 40 pounds are often caught around the bridges and offshore. A good fight but jacks are rarely eaten.